Master Artist Keith Donaldson

Since the age of 8, Keith has displayed an uncanny ability to capture a likeness. Having his first art show in 3rd grade, he was singled out an early age to focus on portraiture. Having studied anatomy and figure drawing for many years he began professional work in Disney's Magic Kingdom in 2003 and has since been freelancing on property through talent agencies. You will mainly find him traveling to boutiques and children's specialty stores in the US rapidly sculpting silhouette portraits. His love of reflecting a likeness extends to oil portraits and he has taken many classes both online as well as in person to perfect this skill as well. The beauty of art is that both interpretation and perfection are in the eye of the beholder and there will always be a constant challenge to showcase personal qualities in a painting or silhouette while striving to capture the essence. Yet simplicity is still the strongest way to make a statement. Keith has won several awards including the 22-23 Marquis Who's Who of America and Top Artist Award.

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